I live in Bend, Oregon. Vulture is my pen name, generated by habits and tendencies, and I love how vultures glide and soar with such grace. When I build bicycle frames and forks, and when you ride my bicycle frames and forks there should be that same grace. Deserts are next to forests for me and zillions of acres of open land cause a sensation of freedom, wide open exploration and elbow room. I make my bicycle frames and forks as dang straight and strong as I can, if I am lucky I will continue to do so until it is time for the vultures to grub me down. Dirt and gravel and loam are my specialties but I have no fear of macadam, pavement, asphalt, concrete or that cool steel bridge at the end of the Willamette. Fillet brazed from ’96 to ’99 and lots of TIG welding since, but an occasional fillet or lug end up here or there. Mostly I choose welding because I’ve had jobs building airplane frames and race car stuff so…practice makes perfect. Come on over to my zone by the Deschutes some time, its a great place to take a vacation and ride your bike I would enjoy the visit.
cheers, Wade