Vertigo Cycles Helps Develop New Headset Solution

Press Release from Cane Creek Cycling Components:

Citing the need for a headset solution that would facilitate the use of a tapered steerer fork (1.5” to 1-1/8”) in a standard ZeroStack™ head-tube, Sean Chaney, owner of Vertigo Cycles, a custom frame builder from Portland, Oregon approached Cane Creek with a brilliant, simple headset idea.

“After hearing from David Turner and then speaking with Sean, I was so excited by the problem-solving nature of his headset solution and it’s far reaching implications for both new and old bicycles using the ZeroStack™ standard that I produced a technical drawing the same day,” says Josh Coaplen, Cane Creek Director of Research & Development. “The headset bottom is simply a 1.5” traditional with a 44mm diameter insertion sleeve that fits a frame using the ZeroStack™ standard.”

Two models, addressing different price levels, of the Sean Chaney inspired XX 44mm Traditional bottom headset assembly will be available mid-summer 2010 from Cane Creek. A high-end version will be produced at Cane Creek’s Fletcher, NC facility and will have features similar to the brand’s 110 XX headset.