Torch & File Brazed Carbide Mitre Cutters

OBCA Founder and veteran framebuilder Andy Newlands has developed a new line of Torch & File Brazed Carbide Mitre Cutters for builders working with the most state of the art metals.

“I made them to cut the heat treated tubing, and in particular the Reynolds 953 heat treated stainless,” Newlands says of the tool’s origins.

“The Rockwell C (HRC) of the 953 steel is so close to the HRC of [standard] HSS cutters it is very difficult/next to impossible to cut,” he elaborated. “This is how to cut through heat treated bicycle tubing, including Reynolds 953 with an ultimate tensile strength range 1750-2050 MPa (254,000 psi – 297,500 psi), in approximately eleven seconds without a laser.”

Fabricated in Newlands’ Goose Hollow workshop and finish machined across the river by Paul Brong Machine, these cutters are entirely made in Portland and are available in a range of sizes, from 28.6 to 50.8 mm. They are also designed for longterm use; “These brazed carbide cutters are resharpenable and if fractured can be repaired – return to Strawberry.”

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