Reynolds Technology Ltd. First Customer for OBCA/CEN Fork Testing Machine

GOOSE HOLLOW/PORTLAND, Oregon —  Reynolds Technology is the first company to request fork testing from the OBCA.  Reynolds has developed a new range of stainless steel cycle tube, denominated 921, which is a cold worked tube with a tensile strength of over 1000MPa (145,100psi) and is suitable for use in lugged and TIG welded frames.  The 921 material is fatigue resistant, weldable and ductile and the first UK-made road frame has already passed the EN14781 frame fatigue test.  Reynolds has now developed fork blades in stainless 921 and requested the OBCA to perform fatigue tests to the CEN standard.  Reynolds shipped a pair of 921 fork blades to Eric Estlund of Winter Bicycles in Springfield, Oregon to be brazed into a fork crown/steerer brazed by Andy Newlands of Strawberry Bicycle.  Once completed the fork will be tested on the OBCA/CEN fork testing machine and results forwarded to Reynolds in Birmingham, England.