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OBCA Members,

We are proud to announce that we are now a preferred supplier to the OBCA and its members concerning Silver braze wire and flux. Some of you have already made purchases from us and we have been able to save each of you money on the Silver braze and the flux. Thank you for your business thus far and we look forward to working with each of you and supplying you with the materials you need.

Most everyone is using one of the three alloys listed below:

P&I Part Name:     AWS #:           Also Known As:

SB50Ni2                   BAg-24           50N, Silvaloy A50-N, Braze505

SB56                         BAg-7              SafetySil56, Silvaloy A-56T, Braze560

SA45                         BAg-1              Easy Flo 45, Silvaloy 45

White Flux

Black Flux

We offer these alloys in wire, rod, strip, powder and paste form and in various sizes of each form.

Stock is kept in Cleveland, OH and we offer same day shipping.

Pricing is dependent upon the Silver market the day of order and the quantity being purchased.

Price breaks are at 5, 10, 25, 50 and 100 Troy Ounce quantities.

For over 80 years the Prince & Izant Companies have been a leading manufacturer in the metal joining industry. We have grown to become a global source for any industry that utilizes brazing, soldering and welding processes to assist in product realization. Our primary focus is supplying high purity metal joining products to worldwide customers. We are AS9100 and  IS09001 certified. 

Please contact me today to discuss your needs.


Kevin P. Linich

New Business Development
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