Open Board Position

The Oregon Bicycle Constructors Association has an open position on the Board.  Throughout the year, the O.B.C.A. board members have an integral role as they guide the overall direction of the organization, organizes the annual OR Handmade Bicycle Show, and make key decisions to grow and benefit the Oregon Framebuilder community.

Current Board Members:

Dave Levy – President (Ti Cycles

Eric Estlund – Vice President (Winter Bicycles

Andy Newlands – Treasurer (Terra Nova Cycles

Brooke Stehley – Board Member (Rolf Prima

If you are an Oregon Constructor/Framebuilder or Oregon Bicycle Industry member of the OBCA and would like to play an active role in the O.B.C.A. by joining the Board, please email

The O.B.C.A. is a non profit 501c6.