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Membership Levels

Constructor Members: Constructor Members must be builders of bicycle frames or operators of bicycle frame building businesses, and such bicycle frame building business must be located and operated in Oregon. Only Constructor Members shall be entitled to vote on Board Members and Officers of the Association. Dues are $50 per year.

Industry Members: Industry Members must be suppliers to bicycle frame builders, trades persons who support the bicycle frame building industry, or sales persons engaged in the sale of bicycle frames or components. Such Industry Members include individuals, partnerships, corporations or other business entities that are not otherwise eligible to be Constructor Members. Industry Members are eligible to be elected to the Board of Directors, but have no voting privileges and may not serve as an Officer of the Association. Dues are $100 per year.

Enthusiast Members: Enthusiast Members shall be members that are not eligible to be Constructor Members or Industry Members, but are enthusiasts of Oregon-made bicycles. Enthusiast Members have no voting privileges and are not eligible to serve on the Board of Directors or as an Officer of the Association. Dues are $25 per year.

Membership Benefits:

  • Official OBCA card signed by the current President of the OBCA
  • Email invitations to OBCA events
  • OBCA tee shirt
  • Discounts on tickets to OBCA promoted Oregon Handmade Bicycle Show
  • Constructor Members receive ongoing technical/educational/promotional benefits