2016 Exhibitors

Abbey Bike Tools

The mission at Abbey Bike Tools is simple, build the best quality bicycle tools on the market. When Jeff Crombie called me in the winter of 2011 about making a custom lock ring tool the result was a little crude but highly effective. When it came time to put that tool into production it was worthy of being called “an heirloom tool” by one magazine writer and “my new favorite tool” by another. That level of quality and innovation is what Abbey is all about. Putting the Crombie into production was an eye opener for me. I’m constantly thinking about new tools, whittling down billets of steel and aluminum to make prototypes and talking shop to keep my finger on the pulse of what the rest of you are after.


Bicycle Times Magazine and Dirt Rag

Black Magic Paint

Black Magic Paint is the premiere custom bicycle painter in the United States, located in Portland, OR. We specialized in custom paint for custom builders as well as restorations. Serving the local Pacific Northwest market as well as customers worldwide.

Our services range from production batch runs for manufacturers, to personalizing production bikes to suit your style and desires, to color matching cockpits, fenders and other components. Our in-house design team can work with you or your design team to create exactly what you are looking for. We work with all materials including steel, carbon fiber, aluminum, titanium, and woods. Our past and current clients include Strong Frames Inc., Ti-Cycles, Igleheart, Moots, Ren Cycles, Ruckus Composites, Argonaut, Strawberry, Alliance Cycles, Ahearne Cycles, Tonic Fabrication, 333fab, Firefly, Geekhouse, Moth Attack, Gallus, and Shamrock Cycles amongst many others.

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Breadwinner Cycles makes beautiful high-quality bicycles for people who love to ride every day. With over 20 years of combined bicycle design and fabrication experience, Ira Ryan and Tony Pereira meld their complementary styles into an award and race winning combination of form and function, delivered in 8 to 12 weeks. The Breadwinner lineup of nine custom steel, TIG-welded bicycles utilizes time-honored construction and race-winning geometry. Proudly built in Portland, Oregon.

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Circa Cycles

Founded by design strategist Rich Fox, CIRCA Cycles builds road, city and town bikes using an innovative design and construction processes inspired by the obsessive detail of Apple, the versatility of Swatch and the production efficiency of Ikea, all hyper-localized to Portland, Oregon’s manufacturing ecosystem.


Clodine Crafts

About the Artist Clodine of Clodine Crafts, Portland, Oregon By day, a bike-commuting executive. On the side, collect pieces of interesting textiles – especially by scouring scrap bins at a Pendleton Woolen Mill store. Enjoy transforming odd trimmings into beautiful, useful everyday items. Suggestions/questions/need special sizing? Open to custom work, too.

DiNucci Cycles

Over the last 40 years I have focused on only one thing, designing and building the best bicycles possible. Starting as one of the earliest US framebuilders in the 1970’s, I specialized in handmade frames for road and track and continued that work through the mid 80’s when I turned to designing production bikes for some of the biggest brands in cycling. After 25 years of engineering bicycles for other brands I have returned to what I love most, taking the time to design and build frames that reflect my own standards in craftsmanship & performance.

Framebuilder Supply

Founded in 2013 by Tony Tapay and Mike Cobb, Framebuilder Supply is aiming to be the one-stop-shop for builders in Portland and around the country. We sell industry leading products from Gas Flux and Columbus Tubing, as well as proprietary items of our own design. Orders over $50 are delivered for free within a specified Portland delivery area.



If you’ve bought a bicycle in the past 120 years, chances are it’s been powered by a chain. While the trusty bicycle chain has done every cyclist well, we at Gates wanted to not only improve cycling—we wanted to revolutionize it. So we created the Gates Carbon Drive.

The Carbon Drive makes everyday cycling better, easier and more accessible. It provides the smooth ride cyclists want, without some of the downsides of the traditional bike chain. It’s stronger, quieter and requires less maintenance. It’s grease-free, oil-free and hassle-free. It won’t leave any marks on your pants and you’ll never have to pull over to fix a dropped chain. Come to think of it, revolutionary might not even do it justice.

Helavna Cycles

Helavna (hèlˈʌvnˈʌ) / Funa : A play on words from Japanese crucian carp, and well known in fishing. It was named from neighbors fishing pond. “Starts from Funa, and ends in Funa”, from beginners to experts and enthusiastics. My goal is to build a bicycle for each person like this proverb. Since 6 years I still believe in steel. I call it timeless than a classical and I hope you know because “Steel is real”. Now I focus on small to medium frame size Commuters and its function. Feel free to stop by having chat with me and enjoy your ride.


Hinderyckx Bikes

Zak Hinderyckx builds awesome steel bicycles. Seriously. you should see them.


At the tender age of 18 Jeff flew off to England for what was to become a seven year chapter in his life. During that time Jeff was a category 1 racer, a member of the U.S Cyclo-Cross team and he and another rider broke some English tandem records. It was during this time that Jeff apprenticed under and worked with what could be one of the greatest frame builders who ever lived, Bill Philbrook.

Working together the two built frames for professional European racers as well as built experimental new designs for frames and tandems. In the process, Jeff developed a meticulous eye for detail as well as a series of original frame alignment techniques.

Jeff returned to the U.S. and later moved to Seattle and quickly established a reputation in the Seattle bike community where he lived several years before settling in the hills of Southern Oregon where Lyonsport is now headquartered.


Machine Bicycle Co.

I build bicycles. Part of that process, I am bound by similar constraints as an engineer calculating magnitudes with which lives are at stake. Other parts of the process I am as free as a kid riding on two wheels as far as my sugar filled body will take me. This contrast is happiness.

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Magic Cycle Werks

My name is Greg White and I’m the founder and Chief Craftsman of Magic Cycle Werks. I’ve been a cyclist for more than 30 years, and while today I’m mostly a recreational cyclist, I spent plenty of years racing and am proud to say that at I even did a stint in Europe racing for the Italian team Fuguzza Vidale. I grew up around farming and had access to all sorts of tools. That fed my interest in taking things apart, fixing things and eventually, making things. I learned how to wield a torch even before I learned how to drive. Prior to launching Magic Cycle Werks, I worked in Hollywood, in the motion picture industry. I served as a cinematographer for movies and television. It was terrific work because it was technical and demanded I know my equipment. It also required good communication as I worked closely with the rest of the film team. Nothing ever goes as planned in film; you’ve got to be able to think on your feet, come up with creative solutions and perfect them so that it seemed like the plan all along. It’s a great set of skills for any craftsman. Ultimately, I wanted even more creative freedom and that’s why I turned to frame building. Making frames gives me a chance to call upon all of my background experience, from using a torch, to precision work, to communicating with others to learn their needs and preferences while also gaining more mastery over the finished product. Film taught me the power of collaboration, but frame building gave me a chance to seize on that opportunity. I make my home in Bend, Oregon. My proximity to an incredibly large population of cyclists and bike shops means that when I’m not building frames for my clients, I’m often repairing steel frames that have been damaged, or perhaps just need some additional braze-ons. I also ride the local roads too. I work in steel because I believe that a bike should speak to its owner, that it should contain some spark of passion that reflects not just the person who made it, but the person for whom it was built. That’s what I hope to deliver to my clients.

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Mahall Bikeworks

Now in the fifth year of bicycle construction Mahall Bikeworks offers lugged steel frames and bicycles optimized for the client’s needs and emphasizes the ideal that bicycles are an expression of our individuality, an art form, as well as utilitarian tools. In my life a bicycle provides a distraction from the stresses of life and allows the mind and body to be refreshed. A custom bicycle project provides a unique opportunity to express our individuality while enhancing the cycling experience. I appreciate having the opportunity to match a bicycle design with a rider’s needs and desires. During design and construction I obsess over every detail and enjoy bringing the client into the process and hope to transfer some bicycle design knowledge along the way. Regards, Mark.


Matheson Tri-Gas

Matheson is a gas company that supplies welding gases nation wide. I personally have been in the welding supply industry for 20 + years and I am a Certified AWS sales representative.


Metrofiets® was founded in 2007 and has grown around our local Portland craftsmanship community. We love working with our trusted group of local artisans who are as dedicated to their craft as they are to their community. Our customers appreciate owning a bike that was made by folks who love what they do. Metrofiets began as an experiment in alternative bike building and over time has evolved to be one of the most easy to ride cargo bikes on the market. Our bike’s unique geometry, larger front wheel, no-jitter steering and durable materials allow for a highly maneuverable bike that can carry up to 400 lbs of rider and cargo while offering a super smooth ride. Our custom wooden sleigh box has been carefully designed to provide ample room for all your cargo and is spaced just so for your knees and shins during hill climbs. The box is removable to accept alternative platform (kegs, bathtubs, couches, kids) while the designed accommodates modern cycling components like disc brakes and belt drives that complement the bikes unique capabilities.

Keeping you safe while moving that precious cargo – that’s the Metrofiets way.

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Mjolnir (me-OLE-neer) is the name given to Thor’s hammer.

Mjolnir Cycles is a maker of custom fillet-brazed steel frames and forks.

“Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor.” (Marvel Comics) I consider framebuilding to be the ultimate expression of my passion for cycling, sprouting from seeds that were planted some 35 years ago. I build frames for the rider, so that the two become one. I strive for the frame to be worthy to carry the name Mjolnir, for those worthy to take up the hammer.


Page Street Cycles

Igleheart has been building all types of bicycles since the early 1980’s.

Joseph Ahearne has been building bicycles for 16 years here in Portland, Oregon

PGE Renewable Energy Program

Promoting PGE’s Renewable Energy Program to help build a clean energy future.

Point West Credit Union

Point West Credit Union is 100% not-for-profit, member-owned awesomeness headquartered in Portland, Oregon. With a bilingual staff ready to help its members achieve financial wellness, Point West works with its community partners to bring economic empowerment to the underserved, and needed capital to local microenterprise businesses—all with an unwavering commitment to its members and its cooperative roots.


Rain Bikes

We first shape the technologies that we use and then they shape us. For me the bicycle is the rare piece of modern technology that makes us better as humans. Without it, humans are one of the least efficient of all creatures at traveling over the surface of the earth. With a few pounds of steel and rubber between our legs we become the most efficient traveler the world has ever seen. But the bicycle we ride also shapes us as riders and as humans. The best bikes are very subtle. They don’t scream at us with gadgets or technology. They aren’t necessarily the lightest, or the stiffest or have the loudest paint jobs. A great bike is made to fit our bodies and our minds. It becomes an extension of us, and shapes how we move and think and behave in the world. A factory built plastic bike makes those who ride it shiny and synthetic and fills the world with waste. So I strive to build brazed steel bikes with soul that maybe, just maybe can make us better and save the world at the same time.

Strawberry Bicycle

Strawberry bicycles are built by Andy Newlands in Goose Hollow, Portland, Oregon. This is my forty fifth year hand brazing bike frames and forks from Reynolds steel. I no longer build custom frames but continue to produce both 650B and 700C road frames in sizes from 50 – 60cm. In addition to manufacturing frames I manufacture and distribute tube mitre cutters and distribute SILVA tools and Reynolds in the United States. In my spare time I walk our two dogs and try to get a bike ride in from time to time.


Thursday Bicycles

I was born at a very early age and started riding bicycles soon thereafter. It was only a matter of time before I started racing bicycles, then building them myself. I design bicycles and fit them to the rider; my clientele is heavy toward advanced riders. Also quirky people, sometimes the client is both.

Ti Cycles

Dave Levy founded Ti Cycles in 1990 to focus on constructing frames in titanium, while continuing to craft custom frames in steel. Titanium’s unique properties allows us to build lighter, higher performance and more comfortable bicycles. Ti Cycles caters to all levels of bicycling enthusiasts, offering custom and production built frames and forks in steel and titanium. Whether you ride on road or off, race, tour, or enjoy tandeming we have the experience to create the perfect bicycle for you.

United Bicycle Institute

UBI is a State licensed private career school specializing in bicycle mechanic and bicycle frame building courses.

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