OBCA Announces 2014 Handmade Bike & Beer Festival


The Oregon Bicycle Constructors Association (OBCA), in partnership with Hopworks Urban Brewery (HUB), is pleased to announce the 2014 Oregon Handmade Bike and Beer Festival.  This year’s festival combines two of Portland’s most thrilling fall events: the OBCA Oregon Handmade Bicycle Show and HUB’s Biketobeerfest.

The event will take place on September 27th & 28th at HUB, 2944 SE Powell Blvd.  The weekend features custom frame builders showing handmade bicycles, local brewers pouring hand crafted, limited edition, bike themed beers, and live music from area artists.

Admission to the handmade bicycle display is $10 with proceeds benefiting OBCA and beer tickets are available for purchase at the event.  Vendor booth registration is now open.  Space is limited and vendors are encouraged to apply early.  Visit the OBCA registration site to reserve your spot today.

Founded in 2006, OBCA is a non-profit industry group that exists to promote and support hand crafted bicycle builders.   OBCA has staged the Oregon Handmade Bicycle Show annually since 2007.  The show attracts frame builders, industry representatives and thousands of bicycle enthusiasts.

With two bike themed brewpub locations and a focus on sustainable operations, HUB is a champion of the Portland microbrew and cycling communities.  HUB sponsors dozens of bicycling events and has hosted Biketobeerfest, the world’s only bike-in Oktoberfest party, annually since 2007.

Contact show@oregonframebuilders.org for more information.

Dates Set for 2014 Show – Builder Registration Now Open

2014 Oregon Handmade Bicycle Show to be held at Hopworks Urban Brewery

 Show Dates:

Saturday & Sunday, September 27-28, 2014

Builder/Exhibitor Registration is now open –  Register today!

If you are a frame builder, sponsor, or media member and have any questions about the show, please email: show@oregonframebuilders.org

Oregon Manifest’14 – PDX Team to Build Best Commuter Bike

A great read on the 2014 Oregon Manifest and the Portland team competing in this year Design Challenge.  OBCA President, Dave Levy of Ti Cycles will be part of the Portland team and build the final design. – Read More Here

Organic Transit – ELF Solar/Pedal Trike Test drives in Portland, Oregon Jan 25, 26 and 28th

OBCA would like to share the following press release from Organic Transit:

PORTLAND, OREGON /January 20/ – Organic Transit is inviting

the public and press to test drive the ELF solar/pedal

trike on January 25th, 26th and 28th in greater Portland,

Oregon, where the company is considering opening an

assembly plant.

According to Rob Cotter, founder and CEO of Organic

Transit and inventor of the ELF, “Because the ELF promotes

healthier commuters, more livable cities and a cleaner

planet, Portland is a perfect place for creating jobs in

the Green Economy.”


The most efficient vehicle on the planet.

Organic Transit is on a mission to get more cars off the

road, and more people in an ELF all across America. The

company’s visionary, Rob Cotter, has decades of experience

in solar and human powered vehicles which is evident in the

ELF’s refined and patented technology.

Cotter calls the ELF the most energy efficient vehicle on

the planet. The ELF gets the equivalent of 1800 mpg and

can prevent as much as 6 tons of Co2 from entering the

atmosphere each year.

The vehicle is highly refined and well appointed with

mirrors, LED lights, storage, and a protective enclosure

that is lightweight and durable. The batteries are charged

by the solar panels or via any outlet. It is the height of

a car allowing easy travel in traffic, country roads or on

bike paths. (see Features)

The ELF revolution – thinking outside the car.

Since the first ELF hit the streets in early 2013, it has

quickly become the media darling of clean technology and a

new mode of transportation for commuters, seniors, delivery

services, college campuses, athletes and the disabled

across America. (ELF owner stories here)

Plans to grow with new assembly plants.

To date, the company has one assembly plant in Durham,

North Carolina headquarters, and a satellite plant in

San Jose, California, that provides job training for the


During his visit to Portland this month, Rob Cotter will

meet with city officials, investors and business leaders to

explore opportunities for setting up a local manufacturing

operation in the area.

“Portland is the mecca of the bicycle community and is

environmentally conscious,” says Cotter. “Building vehicles

locally, creating local jobs and using no fossil fuels

that damage the atmosphere, it’s a “virtuous cycle. We are

looking to Portland to support our mission.”

Organic Transit is expanding ELF accessories including

apps, jump seats and cargo expansion for business fleets.

This is more than an urban solution but also plays a

significant role for humanitarian relief in developing


“It’s a very exciting time, and we’re looking for

partnerships to help us meet growing demand. Organic

Transit moves us beyond sustainability an into

environmental prosperity.”


Invitation to test drive an ELF test drive on January 25th,

26th and 28th.


The public and press are invited to test drive an ELF:

January 25th and 26th from 10 am to 4 pm at McMenamins

Edgefield, 2126 SW Halsey St, Troutdale, OR 97060. (Map)

January 28th from 11 am to 2 pm at 35 SE Main St, Portland,

OR 97214. (map)

To schedule a test drive, email

TestDrive@OrganicTransit.com and write “Portland” in the

subject line and please indicate date and preference for

morning, noon or afternoon.

Contact 919-908-1599 or organictransit.com

Media contact: Martha@organictransit.com (212)933-1391


Reynolds Technology Ltd. First Customer for OBCA/CEN Fork Testing Machine

GOOSE HOLLOW/PORTLAND, Oregon —  Reynolds Technology is the first company to request fork testing from the OBCA.  Reynolds has developed a new range of stainless steel cycle tube, denominated 921, which is a cold worked tube with a tensile strength of over 1000MPa (145,100psi) and is suitable for use in lugged and TIG welded frames.  The 921 material is fatigue resistant, weldable and ductile and the first UK-made road frame has already passed the EN14781 frame fatigue test.  Reynolds has now developed fork blades in stainless 921 and requested the OBCA to perform fatigue tests to the CEN standard.  Reynolds shipped a pair of 921 fork blades to Eric Estlund of Winter Bicycles in Springfield, Oregon to be brazed into a fork crown/steerer brazed by Andy Newlands of Strawberry Bicycle.  Once completed the fork will be tested on the OBCA/CEN fork testing machine and results forwarded to Reynolds in Birmingham, England.

O.B.C.A. Fork Testing Machine Update

The O.B.C.A. is excited to provide an update on the organizations fork testing machine.  As can be seen in the images below, the pneumatics have now been added to the machine.  This fork testing rig is designed to perform all six CEN static and dynamic load tests to bicycle forks.  See video and images below of Fork Tester in action.

Click Here to View Video #1

Fork Test 4











Fork Test 1

Fork Test 2

Fork Test 3 Fork Test 5


O.B.C.A. Fork Testing Machine Progress

This fork testing rig is designed to perform all six CEN static and dynamic load tests to bicycle forks.  The OBCA is grateful for the efforts of FSA in providing headsets and to Dave Levy, Andy Newlands, Andrew Drummond, Ron Sutphin and Spencer Houser for many hours of design and fabrication work on the test rig.  This is still a work in progress as the pneumatics for the dynamic fatigue tests have yet to be applied to the rig.  We anticipate completion in the summer of 2013.

DSC_0011 Fork Rig









DSC_0012 Fork Rig

DSC_0010 Fork Rig

Open Board Position

The Oregon Bicycle Constructors Association has an open position on the Board.  Throughout the year, the O.B.C.A. board members have an integral role as they guide the overall direction of the organization, organizes the annual OR Handmade Bicycle Show, and make key decisions to grow and benefit the Oregon Framebuilder community.

Current Board Members:

Dave Levy – President (Ti Cycles www.ticycles.com)

Eric Estlund – Vice President (Winter Bicycles winterbicycles.com)

Andy Newlands – Treasurer (Terra Nova Cycles www.strawberrybicycle.com)

Brooke Stehley – Board Member (Rolf Prima www.rolfprima.com)

If you are an Oregon Constructor/Framebuilder or Oregon Bicycle Industry member of the OBCA and would like to play an active role in the O.B.C.A. by joining the Board, please email info@oregonframebuilders.org

The O.B.C.A. is a non profit 501c6.

North American Handmade Bicycle Show #NAHBS

Multiple members of the O.B.C.A take home hardware at the 2013 North American Handmade Bicycle Show in Denver, CO.


NAHBS Award Winners:

Rob English, English Cycles:  Best of show












Eric Estlund, Winter Bicycles:  Best Finish












Gates Carbon Drive Winners:

Rob English, English Cycles:  Best Adventure Bike










Dave Levy, Ti Cycles:  Most Innovative Belted Bike









Congratulations to all!

Preferred Supplier of O.B.C.A.: The Prince & Izant Co.








OBCA Members,

We are proud to announce that we are now a preferred supplier to the OBCA and its members concerning Silver braze wire and flux. Some of you have already made purchases from us and we have been able to save each of you money on the Silver braze and the flux. Thank you for your business thus far and we look forward to working with each of you and supplying you with the materials you need.

Most everyone is using one of the three alloys listed below:

P&I Part Name:     AWS #:           Also Known As:

SB50Ni2                   BAg-24           50N, Silvaloy A50-N, Braze505

SB56                         BAg-7              SafetySil56, Silvaloy A-56T, Braze560

SA45                         BAg-1              Easy Flo 45, Silvaloy 45

White Flux

Black Flux

We offer these alloys in wire, rod, strip, powder and paste form and in various sizes of each form.

Stock is kept in Cleveland, OH and we offer same day shipping.

Pricing is dependent upon the Silver market the day of order and the quantity being purchased.

Price breaks are at 5, 10, 25, 50 and 100 Troy Ounce quantities.

For over 80 years the Prince & Izant Companies have been a leading manufacturer in the metal joining industry. We have grown to become a global source for any industry that utilizes brazing, soldering and welding processes to assist in product realization. Our primary focus is supplying high purity metal joining products to worldwide customers. We are AS9100 and  IS09001 certified. 

Please contact me today to discuss your needs.


Kevin P. Linich

New Business Development
1-800-275-6963 x 266
1-216-362-7456 F
1-216-644-6222 M
Prince / Izant Co.
12999 Plaza Dr
Cleveland, Ohio 44130
P: 216-362-7000