For Sale: Marchetti Lange Frame Jig

A Marchetti Lange frame jig that I am taking bids on. It worked well the last time we used it back in 2002. It is missing the coolant pump, but we never needed to use the pump at our production volume. I have attached some pictures. Please email any bids or questions you may have to
Patrick O’Farrell

For Sale: Marchetti and Bike Machinery

Moser wishes to sell the used Marchetti and Bike Machinery framebuilding machines still in his warehouse in Italy.  All the tools will be sold as a package and shipped in container via sea freight to the USA.

If you are interested, please contact:

Carlo Moser,, +39 347 5019519

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For Sale: Marchetti ML101 & ML103 Machines

Marchetti is advertising the following “second hand” machines to members of the Oregon Bicycle Constructors Association.

MCL 101 Info

MCL 103 Info

If interested in pricing or other questions, please send email to Monica Marchetti at