Capricorn Bicycles

Capricorns reflect what I think is great about bicycles, bicycling, building frames, and the classic media of steel, brass, and silver.
Each frame, fork, and rack is a hand-built piece from me to you, made to the best of my abilities. My goal is to build a bicycle
that you’ll want to ride everyday: the frame providing the armature of that machine, a construction in which no detail goes

I began building bicycles in the 90’s with Waterford Precision Cycles where I learned the trade from some of the most practiced
builders in the business. From there I moved to Minneapolis for school, and after a 2000-mile ride to Seattle decided to take
up frame building again. Capricorn Bicycles became the culmination of my experience with bicycles and my desire to do work
and be creative by hand.

I now live in Eugene, Oregon to find new roads and trails to explore, and to live someplace for a change with a somewhat mellow

Terra Nova Cycles, LLC (Strawberry Cycles Engineering & Fabrication)

Terra Nova Cycles, LLC (Strawberry Cycles Engineering & Fabrication)
Year Founded:  1971
Owner:  Andy Newlands
Shop visits possible:  Yes
Retail sales at shop:  Yes

Shop description:
Goose Hollow, an 1845 neighborhood in southwest Portland is the location of the Strawberry bicycle frame fabrication facility since 2002.  The company founded in Portland in 1971, has the goal of producing handcrafted bicycle frames and tube processing tooling and equipment.  The unique frame designs and an absolute personal (one man – two dog) working method assure a style steeped in elegance, if you will, that found its sublime “promised land” in Goose Hollow.

Dedicated, passionate design work, but low-keyed and always sensitive to the human side of every equation in the bicycle framebuilding craft, Strawberry incarnated a distinctive way of thinking and working in the very concrete terms of bicycle frame fabrication.  Trained in engineering with over forty years of machining and oxy/propane brazing experience, Strawberry has a conception of bicycle framebuilding which springs from skills learned over time but is neither artificial nor intellectualistic, rather one that is striking for the depth of consideration behind it as well as for the simplicity of its operation.

Strawberry trademarked frames are completely hand built in the Goose Hollow shop from Reynolds steel tubing and investment cast lugs and are designed for road sport/racing, track racing and city/commuting.  The oxy/propane brass brazed lugged steel framesets feature hand-cut lug work, Strawberry designed investment cast wishbone and integrated topstay/seatpost binder.  The company is also the US sales agent for Marchetti SRL, Bergamo, Italy which engineers and manufactures testing equipment, wheelbuilding machines, tube processing machinery, welding fixtures/robots, frame and fork alignment tools as well as turnkey engineering.

Tsunehiro Cycles

Hi, I’m Rob Tsunehiro, founder of Tsunehiro Cycles LLC.  My front door is in SE Portland, and a wonderland of forests, canyons, fields, and mountains lay beyond. Long days in the saddle are my favorite.  They’re brutal and exhilarating, sometimes remote and adventurous.  I can push myself further when I have total trust in my equipment: a bike that fits correctly, steers intuitively, and functions reliably.  Through each detail of its design and craftsmanship, building the bike you can depend on is my priority.

As a teenager I knew I wanted to design bicycles.  I went to school for Mechanical Engineering and focused on materials and product design.  My first job out of college was at Boeing in Seattle, designing fuselage structure for the 777.  Sculpture welding classes in Seattle and a framebuilding course at UBI introduced me to the craft.  When my fiancée was accepted to grad school in Portland, I decided to take the leap.  I entered the welding program at Portland Community College and built frames for friends.  In 2008 Tsunehiro Cycles opened its doors, building TIG welded steel frames for road biking, touring, commuting and cyclocross.  Getting people on bikes that perfectly fit their needs is my passion.


I live in Bend, Oregon. Vulture is my pen name, generated by habits and tendencies, and I love how vultures glide and soar with such grace. When I build bicycle frames and forks, and when you ride my bicycle frames and forks there should be that same grace. Deserts are next to forests for me and zillions of acres of open land cause a sensation of freedom, wide open exploration and elbow room. I make my bicycle frames and forks as dang straight and strong as I can, if I am lucky I will continue to do so until it is time for the vultures to grub me down. Dirt and gravel and loam are my specialties but I have no fear of macadam, pavement, asphalt, concrete or that cool steel bridge at the end of the Willamette. Fillet brazed from ’96 to ’99 and lots of TIG welding since, but an occasional fillet or lug end up here or there. Mostly I choose welding because I’ve had jobs building airplane frames and race car stuff so…practice makes perfect. Come on over to my zone by the Deschutes some time, its a great place to take a vacation and ride your bike I would enjoy the visit.
cheers, Wade

Quixote Cycles

Quixote HeadbadgeJonathan Reed is the owner and framebuilder (and mechanic, sysadmin, brewmaster, dishwasher and dog walker) at Quixote Cycles located in Southeast Portland, Oregon.
When asked why he builds custom bicycles, Reed replies, “I started out making teleportation pads to bring about the end of reliance on automobiles but making bikes is so much more fun. The money isn’t as good but your customers are healthier and they smile more.”

Quixote Cycles makes tailor fit, handmade steel bicycles for errands to errantry.

Winter Bicycles

Winter Bicycles manufactures custom bicycles and luxurious necessities including forks, stems, racks and other fittings. Here at Winter the focus is on fresh, clean, year round bicycles. I have a wide variety experiences that help me understand customer needs and rider expectations. I know how to listen, and my one goal is to put you on the best fitting and performing bicycle for your needs.

The bicycles are made from a custom blend of steel tubing to be purpose built and rider-centric. That means each frame, each detail, is designed to fit your needs and wants for your riding style, tastes and environment. Be it a rainy day commuter, a Sunday cruiser or a thoroughbred racer, I will work with you to design and deliver a bicycle to carry you through all the seasons of your cycling.

Winter Bicycles, Individually tailored by Eric Estlund in Eugene, OR

Milholland Bicycle Company

Hello their! My name is Greg Morris and I build custom steel framesets and components. I offer road, mountain, touring, track and randonnee frames. Each frame is designed and built by me to produce a one of a kind companion with a beautiful aesthetic to match your style.  Because the fit of the bike is one of the most important aspects of enjoyable cycling, all bikes are made to measure and built to accommodate the specific uses for you.

I build bicycle frames because of the unlimited potential of travel, design, lifestyle, craftsmanship and the view from the handlebars.

Metrofiets – Cargo Bikes

Metrofiets – Artisan frames, from Portland, Oregon

Jamie Nichols and Phillip Ross are the founders and co-owners of Metrofiets, LLC.

Patience and time, that’s what builds a Metrofiets.  Design, bend, measure, sculp, hammer, polish and file – these actions transform raw steel into works of art. The kind of art you can ride around town on.  The kind of art that turns heads and leaves people wanting more.

Our designs are inspired by Danish and Dutch cargo bikes as well as the classic bicycle styles produced in the US during the 1930’s, 40’s and 50’s.

We like clean lines, curves and things that work without a lot of fuss.  Naturally, our “basic” bikes ship with modern, state of the art  components like hydraulic disc brakes and internally geared hubs.  Stuff that just works.

To learn more visit our website or check out the Metrofiets Flickr page for the latest and greatest.

Ira Ryan Cycles

I started really riding bikes when I was 12 as a way to get around the gravel roads outside Iowa City, Iowa. I started racing when I was 16 after seeing the Tour de France on television. At 17, I started working as a mechanic at my first bike shop job. I was hooked. And for the next twelve years I continued to wrench, tour, race and commute, constantly exploring disciplines, physical limitations and the incredible geography around me.

In 2000 I moved to Portland, Oregon where I took a job as a bicycle courier for five and a half years – the last two of which I helped start and run Portland’s only bike messenger collective. Cold, wet and dark mornings in the winter and endless hours of sunshine in the summer. For years I worked all week to ride and race on the weekends. In 2003, I finished second in an unsanctioned “rando-cat” from San Francisco to Portland, completing the 750 mile route in 4 days.

Over the years, miles and with 80 frames built I have refined my own personal style of cycling routed in speed, distance and self reliance.

My experiences as a cyclist, my style and my love for the machines that make it all possible culminated in the creation of Ira Ryan Cycles which unofficially debuted in 2005 when I built my first frame and raced it without paint for 325 miles over 24 hours to win the inaugural Trans-Iowa Race. Gliding over moon lit gravel for hours and hours on a bike I made with my own hands, to win the Trans-Iowa, is an experience that will forever influence my riding and commitment to the craft of bicycle building.

It seems that I have only been building frames for a short time but it has taken years to amass the knowledge and experience to make a frame that is designed well, build beautifully and performs precisely.

Cheers, Ira Ryan Cycles

Courage Bicycle MFG. CO.

COURAGE Bicycles are hand built by Aaron
Hayes,  an industrial designer living and
working in Portland, Oregon.   Aaron draws
from his extensive design and engineering
background to develop  a full spectrum of
racing, touring and city bikes.   COURAGE
bicycles are recognized for their exquisite
detail and superb craftsmanship.

COURAGE is dedicated to both the craft and
its customers.  We will always remain true to
our core values of reliabilty and constant
development while delivering world class
frame design and manufacturing.

Contact COURAGE:

phone:  (503) 572-4169