Capricorn Bicycles

Capricorns reflect what I think is great about bicycles, bicycling, building frames, and the classic media of steel, brass, and silver.
Each frame, fork, and rack is a hand-built piece from me to you, made to the best of my abilities. My goal is to build a bicycle
that you’ll want to ride everyday: the frame providing the armature of that machine, a construction in which no detail goes

I began building bicycles in the 90’s with Waterford Precision Cycles where I learned the trade from some of the most practiced
builders in the business. From there I moved to Minneapolis for school, and after a 2000-mile ride to Seattle decided to take
up frame building again. Capricorn Bicycles became the culmination of my experience with bicycles and my desire to do work
and be creative by hand.

I now live in Eugene, Oregon to find new roads and trails to explore, and to live someplace for a change with a somewhat mellow